Class 305 and 306: blocking and blocking plus

Here is the blocking and blocking plus version of my high bar exercise animation.
This assignment had me learn a lot of new things that I'll be explaining in my next post.


Francis said...

Hey, not bad, not bad !

I send you a little compilation of Pole reference that i had use for poles animation that i needed to do for our game at Ubisoft.


There is interesting stuff in there.

(if i can give you a critique) There are some little poses and momentum details to fix in your animation...But the two visible thing, in my opinion, are when he "stay in the air" at second 3 and 6...He should continu to move, because now hes staying just a little to long in the air with no acumulate momentum, so that he seem to defy Gravity during a brief moment ;p

That said...Are you always going "spline" in the Blocking + Stage ? Like the Blocking + Stage is for added details and going spline ?

Francis ;p

Krzysztof Boyoko said...

Hey Francis,
thanks a lot for the awesome comment and the reference link, they'll help a lot.
You're right , there are a few inconsistencies in my work right now and I'll do my best to correct them.

About the "blocking plus" stage, yes, I usually go into spline mode, but I know a lot of animators who prefer staying in stepped mode until the very last moment.
I move to spline right after the first blocking because I noticed that in stepped your work can look good but as soon as you switch it doesn't work anymore, especially in the timing.
A quick personal tip, even in the blocking in stepped, I usually switch back and forth into splines to keep track on my timing and the overall animation, which is more accurate that way.
That's it, hope this helps.


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