Class 307 : High bar accident - Final polish

I finally finished this exercise last week. I've really tried to push it from what I had the previous week and thanks to the many feedback that I received a lot of things are looking better now. I wish I had an extra few days to refine it a bit more, especially at the very end where the body crashes on the floor. I'll probably do it on my free time.


Class 305 and 306: blocking and blocking plus

Here is the blocking and blocking plus version of my high bar exercise animation.
This assignment had me learn a lot of new things that I'll be explaining in my next post.


Maya tip : launching an external application from inside Maya

It is possible to launch an external application right from the Maya shelf. That could be useful when using an external tool like Photoshop, Mudbox or even Screen marker that I've talked about in here.
The way to do it is quite simple. Right in Maya, create a shelf button with the following code:
system("start C:/folder_location/sofware.exe" );

folder_location will be replaced by the complete folder adress where the software is located
sotware.exe will be the name of the software you're targeting.


Class 304: Polishing of my first animation and planning for the high bar accident

Here is the polished version of my recent animation. It's been one of the hardest thing I animated so far, doesn't look perfect but it helped me learn a lot. My next animation exercise will be animation a character having an accident during a gymnastic exercise.
Below are the video reference and rough thumbnail planning I'll be using for my next animation assignement.

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