Lion cycle test

This is a quick walk cycle test of my lion character. It is a very rough animation, just to make sure that the rig is working fine.


Experimental animation demo

I'm also working on another project, a sort of experimental animation this time. It's called Machine, and basically the story is about a machine that is being created by humans for good purposes. Everything goes fine until when we realize that this creation is not going to bring happiness at all.
Have a look and tell me what you think. It is still a work in progress though.

Lion model

Right now I'm finishing a new 3d character for my advanced animation course. The model is a lion called Ernest. He may be a lion but he acts like a human being. More pictures and a walk cycle test are coming next.


I'm back this time

Really long time and nothing posted. Well , I'm on my last year at uni, doing sooo many things at the same time. I will try to post as many past and present works very soon.


3d Tracking test

For my mixed media animation module I tried to experiment with 3d tracking. That was the first time for me to do it. I used the software called Boujou for the tracking, and the animation was done in Maya. Another moment of fun. This project was a sort of test animation for another work I will talk about very soon.

11second club March final entry

And here's my march submission. Although I started just 10 days before the end, I managed to finish it and really learned a lot of new things. I really see why those animation principles are so important. It was great fun to do it and I hope that my future entries will benefit from this precious little knowledge.

More animation

The last days have been filled with work from everywhere. I have a couple of animations I did and a few concept designs that I will post very soon.


February results

I've been very busy in the past few days trying to concentrate on a couple of uni assignements. I've nearly completed most of them, and will post them very soon. A game design project and and mixed media animation. Back to animation, my entry to the 11second club has been classed 38th...
So sad that we only see your mistakes when somebody else critics your work. Anyway, I've noted them all and will try my best to make a better work next time.


11second club February final entry

Hi there, I've finally managed to finish my February animation. A bit challenging but fun as well. I've learned a couple of new tricks, so I really hope I'll use them on my future works.


Run cycle

Here is a run cycle that I've done for my future demo reel. Still not rendered, but you can have an idea of the final work.


February blocking pass

Good evening, it's Sunday night, and I ve found a couple minutes to work on my animation February's entry. Here's my blocking pass, with the lipsynch on the characters.



Hi, here's a model I've recently been working on, he's called Marco, and may be used for a future personal project. All the modeling , texturing and rigging was done in two months during my spare time. The initial concept designs are from a good friend "Mike the Jedi"


11 seconds club old animation

I haven't submitted anything since my last participation in september. I was working on the october contest, finished it but couldn't render it in time.
Here is how it looked like.

I'm back

Hey, nearly 4 months gone and nothing really new in my blog. My bad.
The last semester at uni had some intensive work, but I managed to stay alive. I'm back now and will do my best to post something as possible as I can.
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