Body language, acting and subtext

Hey everyone,
In my research in getting good performance in animation I discovered a couple of super useful links :
- The first one is a 3 part tutorial by awesome animator Samy Fecih, and talks about good posing and body language

- The other link, from another great animator, Brendan Body, talks about acting and subtext. It's a 2 part tutorial that I've also found really instructive. You can have a look at the PART 1 and the PART 2

If like me you're in search of animation knowledge then these notes will not disappoint you :)


Inspiring demoreels

I've discovered a really interesting website called Reelbarrow. It contains a lot of amazing demoreels from professional animators that would certainly inspire a lot of people


It's a bit late to post this comment, but a couple of weeks ago I went to see Rango, and I really went to the cinema that day to see if it was as good as most of the people were saying, because I really wasn't convinced by the trailers.

But man, I was blown away by this movie. So beautiful in every aspect, and very different compared to every other animated feature that I've seen. It's cinematography gave me the impression that there was a real cameraman who was filming everything. Well done to everybody involved in this !

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