Tiger animation test

Here is a small quadruped animation that I've been working on my free time.
Took a little while but I had to let it go and move to something else.
Any comments are always welcome

Tiger jump test from Krzysztof Boyoko on Vimeo.


John Carter shot breakdown

A shot breakdown from the movie John Carter. The final result looks so realistic but it's all keyframe animation.


Tangled shot breakdown

Those 2 videos have been online for a while but I really wanted to repost as it really inspires me to see how other animators work ( also because the animation on that movie was amazing :)  )
The first one is a shot progress from Jamall Bradley, and  the other one from Joe Bowers, 2 very good animators who worked on Disney's Tangled


Say what you mean with body language

It's been a while since my last post, but I really wanted to come back to this blog and keep it alive :)
There are a few more post that should be coming shortly but for today I just wanted to publish this very nice page that has some good body language basics. Have a look HERE. ( Thanks to Allison Morris for the link )


AnimSchool : Character eye blink video

Interesting video from Blue Sky Animator, Garrett Shikuma, demonstrating, how to add appeal to an eye blink.


Tangled ever after clip

Here is the first clip from Tangled Ever After animation short with Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Maximus and Pascal featuring the wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn. Reminds me how great the movie was.


Ianimate videos

Here is a great compilation of students shots who've all animated their characters to the same music.


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