Ianimate videos

Here is a great compilation of students shots who've all animated their characters to the same music.



Posing characters for animation

Awesome post from the Animation Resource Centre blog which goes into great details about getting good poses in animation

Rio comparison reel

Here is another comparison reel by Blue Sky animator Jeff Gabor for some of the shots he did on Rio.
Really inspiring stuff.
password: education



Hey everyone,

Have a look at these great videos from animator Ugur Yetiskin.
He's made little videos covering a lot of great tips on facial animation that I've found super useful to remember.
So far he's made 5 videos where he talks about Blinks, the head direction, the eyelids, the eyes direction and the mouth corners. Enjoy!



Frame by frame

Frame by frame and sequential images from various animated films for study and appreciation. 


I'm a monster

Very nice 2d animation


A few months have passed so quickly, and nothing new in here :(

Not that nothing has been happening, but I've been a little lazy. I'll try to stay focused this time and do my best to keep the blog alive


Body language, acting and subtext

Hey everyone,
In my research in getting good performance in animation I discovered a couple of super useful links :
- The first one is a 3 part tutorial by awesome animator Samy Fecih, and talks about good posing and body language

- The other link, from another great animator, Brendan Body, talks about acting and subtext. It's a 2 part tutorial that I've also found really instructive. You can have a look at the PART 1 and the PART 2

If like me you're in search of animation knowledge then these notes will not disappoint you :)


Inspiring demoreels

I've discovered a really interesting website called Reelbarrow. It contains a lot of amazing demoreels from professional animators that would certainly inspire a lot of people


It's a bit late to post this comment, but a couple of weeks ago I went to see Rango, and I really went to the cinema that day to see if it was as good as most of the people were saying, because I really wasn't convinced by the trailers.

But man, I was blown away by this movie. So beautiful in every aspect, and very different compared to every other animated feature that I've seen. It's cinematography gave me the impression that there was a real cameraman who was filming everything. Well done to everybody involved in this !


New demoreel

The last few weeks have been a bit hectic, trying to push my work a bit more. Here is my updated demo reel, with a selection of shots that I've made while studying at Animation mentor. Hope you enjoy.

Less is more

In the last few weeks I started to realise something that was quite new to me in animation. I noticed that in many cases doing the simplest thing usually works best than trying overcomplicated choices.

A good friend and animator recently told me that many young animators want to prove to themselves and everybody else what they're able to do, which most of the time results in overcomplicated acting choices. Sometimes having the animated character nearly still on screen with a strong pose is more powerful than having him do some crazy movements.

A few months back I learned the importance of a good performance to get a sincere animation. After that I also realised that the best acting in animation usually works with a strong but also simple performance.
There is no need to put crazy overlaps, follow through, arcs or anything else unless there is a purpose for it. An over animated character makes the look insincere, and this is where the planning stage becomes a very important step to me.
When in the beginning I know exactly what emotions I want to portray, I've found it extremely helpful to write everything down on a piece of paper and then come back to these notes later to see if the targeted emotions are still there. And again, when I see that I went a bit beside my intended goal , I receive comments from others that the action feels overdone. Hope this makes a bit of sense.
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