Arcs in animation

It's been a while I haven't touched to my blolg, so here I am. The 11 second club animation contest will end in 3 days and I still have a lot to polish. For those of you who might be interested you can see the work in progress through this link
To come back to the reason I'm writing these notes today, I have to say that as a learning animator, I think that I understand now the true importance of using arcs in your animation. I've been reading it for a while, but I just thought that having my animated arms and legs doing arcs like movements would be enough to get a descent animation..... and of course I couldn t be more wrong!! Unless you want to animate a mechanical gadget EVERYTHING in your animation which is moving should describe arc like trajectories if you want to get a natural and organic feel. That was my advice of the day, here is a quick link talking about those animation principles that are really important for every animator



Hi ! I'm currently working on an animation challenge from the 11 second club website. I'm working on a pose for one of my characters, Todd. He's supposed to be scary. Which one do u like?

The rig is called MaxforMaya, you can freely download it at highend3d.com

First post

Hello dear reader! My name is Chris and this is my first blog post. I will dedicate this blog to talk about me and many things that I m interested in, especially CGI ( computer generated imagery ) and art related topics. I hope you ll enjoy the ride!
See you very soon with a lot of things to say and post!!
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