End of Class 4

This is becoming very alarming!!! Where is all the time going? A few posts earlier I had just started my 4th class and now it's finished. This class has been the hardest so far.
What I learned before was like a small warm up session compared to the acting class. All of the animation principles have become a lot harder as well.
Depending on the mood of the character for example, the arcs, overlaps, settles and everything else have to be used in a certain way. Too much of a gesture or not enough of it makes the animation feel unnatural. That is where most of the great animators advice are to look at the world around you and observe all the time.
I've posted below the final submission of my acting shot, without the facial animation.
Right now I'll be relaxing a bit and in one week from now we'll start our next class where we'll be continuing with the present shot and add the facial animation to it.

Still a few things to fix here and there. Not particularly happy the the "... because you're HONEST ? " hand gesture. I'll probably post another update before I start the facial on this one.


Francis said...

Hey, I didn't stop to read your blog ;)

Its fun to see your AM parkour detailled....

I watch your animation like 20 times
but since I did like 2-3 acting shoot in my life, its hard for me to really figure our what your be better....

I kind if have the impression that the way your weight shift happen, there is something off...But really, I don't know ;)

The pose at 188 look a little bizarre...And your left arm kind of become dead from frame 150 to the end...

Maybe it could be interesting to share with us what comments your teachers and teammates give you when they critique your animation.


Krzysztof Boyoko said...

Really long time Francis.
Thanks for stopping by.

You're right about what you've seen in my shot, I've really struggled with it to keep the character alive.
In the next 3 weeks we'll be working on the facial animation and I'll make sure to refine the body as well. Thanks again for your input, and in my next posts I'll try to do as you suggested about my classmates comments.

Do you still use your yahoo messenger to tchat online?

Francis said...

Yes I'm still using Yahho, but just like 5 minute per day since I just read my mails...
Checking my mails at work, yahoo and facebook can take a little bit of time so I'm not connected verry often,

I added you in FaceBook, It could be easier to communicate that way I think :D or we could write E-mails :: fr002_02@yahoo.com

++ ;p

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