Soccer kick blocking and blocking plus


Francis Jasmin said...

Hey thats me (Francis) I just use my Google Acount Today.

Your animation look pretty good at this stage ;)

Some comments (even if you have a awnfull lot of people for this :P)

34 : For me, the knee in look a little feminine, week to, and since hes a bad guy maybe you should try it out.

70 more or less : Consecutive Breaking of Joints or Successive Breaking of Joints (R.William). You have it but the upper arm shoud not stop 100 % when the forearm goes up.

142 : Obliviously he should stretch and look a the ball

155 more or less : Right leg, Consecutive Breaking of Joints, the upper leg go first, lower leg and then foot...Like in a run. Thinking of the mouvement, i think you should refine it more. Like he go down first then begin to pass his right leg (left foot still planted) and the goes up by pushing.

161 : theres no down after the contact.

The "Jump"...There is a momentum problem where he stop in the air. Also think about consecutive breaking of joint in a jump (every kind of jump)

What are the characteristic of a jump ?
-Squah (propulsion) and Stretch (in the air) Squah (contact) Stretch (down) and squash (down)

-So between these C and D shapes, think of Consecutive Breaking of Joints (or Follow-Throught some people will say, but i prefer the other term in these kind of action). The Hip rotate first and then the torso and then the head, while the arm have the same kind of mouvement, leading with the elbow, wrist and hand. So when he goes up, the hip turn, and then the torso.

-and third : Orientation of the body, you normaly jump foward and end oriented backward (but iam not sure if its applying that much here since its not a normal jump...anyway)

185 : When he take off his contact foot, he should have more momentum and/or go more foward since he seem a little bit unbalance.

Sorry for this little critique intrusion :P


Francis Jasmin said...

What are the characteristic of a jump ?
-Squah (propulsion) and Stretch (in the air) Squah (contact) Stretch (down) and squash (down)

oups :

thats Stretch, Squash, Stretch and Squash, Stretch (landing)

Krzysztof Boyoko said...

Hey Francis,
thanks again for this thorough feedback, I really appreciate.
I'm definitely taking your precious notes into account for the polishing stage.
How is the work at Ubisoft?

Krzysztof Boyoko said...

Hey Francis, if you have an Msn account we could be chatting on Messenger if that suits you better.

francis said...

Sure it would be cool to communicate.

I can't really tell you how is going at Ubi since my project is still "secret" (ak not officialy annonce) ;p

here is my mail fr002_02@yahoo.com

but iam not really often on MSN.
If you have Steam, my nick name is Fr002.

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