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Having finished university, I really wanted to push my animation skills before getting into the job market. I really think that there is still a lot to learn in order for me to become a good animator .

So 3 weeks ago I officially started the Animation Mentor program. This has really been fantastic so far.

On the first week I missed my live lecture but there wasn't anything particular . I was presented to my mentor for this term. It's Ruth Daly , a professional animator working in the industry for many years already. She's very nice and really knows what she's talking about.

During the second week we were introduced to the traditional animation principles.
I thought that this first class was going to be easy but I was wrong. We just started and there's loads of work to do. The assignment for that week was to go outside and draw people around us and then select the best sketch and represent it in 3d.

This third week is about planning animation. My main assignment is to animate a bouncing soccer ball or basket ball. I'll try to have this blog updated with my work as much as possible; in the meantime, stay tuned.

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Sheena said...

Welcome to Animation Mentor!

-Sheena @ AM

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